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Student Government

Student government is an integral part of the civil authorities of the University.

Student government unites all university students. All university students have equal rights and can be elected and be elected to the workers, advisory, elective and other bodies of the student government.

Student Government at the University is carried out at the level of training groups, courses, institutes, faculties, dormitories, campus.

The university student government system, the following elected bodies of the student government, are carrying out their activities between conferences students appropriate levels (university, faculties, institutes) and are guided by the Regulations  and, if necessary, be guided by the relevant provisions of the separate:

  • University student parliament;
  • Student Council of the Faculty, Institute;
  • Hostel Student Council.

In its activities, the student government of the University shall be guided by the legislation of Ukraine, the University rules  and regulations  on student government.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) is formed at the University for organizing and conducting elections for student self-government bodies. The procedure for electing bodies of student self-government is regulated by the relevant Provisions.


The personal composition of the university student parliament

Personal structure of the student government control and audit commission

The personal composition of the delegates of the student government conference


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