Equipment for the processing and separation of petroleum products

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13 Mechanical Engineering
133 Industrial machinery engineering
Обладнання для переробки та транспортування нафтопродуктів
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In the modern world, there is a steady trend towards an increase in the efficiency of the use of non-renewable natural resources, in particular, minerals in the form of oil and gas. This leads to an increase in the depth of processing and a decrease in losses during transportation, storage and distribution of these products, an increase in the complexity of equipment, control systems and control of oil and gas refineries.

For the development, administration, operation of modern systems of this type at oil refineries, professionals with a wide range of knowledge in the field of technologies and equipment for chemical production are required.

At modern enterprises, specialists with this level of education are always in demand when servicing and repairing oil refinery equipment; at enterprises for the extraction of oil, gas and gas condensate, shale and coal; at machine-building enterprises; in the design, maintenance and repair of trunk pipelines. They can not only operate equipment for the processing and separation of oil products, but also engage in its design and production.

Our graduates are always in demand on the labor market, have decent wages and career growth.

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