International cooperation

Doctrine of international cooperation in the higher education domain

Odessа Polytechnic, in order to enter the global higher education space and ensure the quality of future students training, carries out its international cooperation in strict compliance with the legal framework, concludes cooperation agreements, establishes direct relations with institutions of higher education, scientific institutions and enterprises of foreign countries, international organizations, foundations and other partners.

The main directions of our University's international cooperation are:

  • participation at programs of bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental and inter-University level exchange with applicants studying in various levels higher education programs as well as research and teaching staff;
  • conducting joint research;
  • organization of international conferences, symposiums, congresses and other events;
  • organizing and conducting international summer schools;
  • participation in international educational and scientific programs;
  • joint publishing activities;
  • provision of services related to  higher and postgraduate education rendering to foreign nationals and stateless persons in Ukraine;
  • creation of joint educational and scientific programs with foreign  higher education institutions, scientific institutions, organizations;
  • scientific and pedagogic-researcher trips abroad of researcher and teaching staff  in accordance with international treaties signed by the Ukrainian State, as well as agreements between the University and foreign partners;
  • engaging the scientific and pedagogic-researcher staff of foreign higher education institutions to participation at scientific, researcher and pedagogical work at the Odessа Polytechnic;
  • sending candidates from among the Odessа Polytechnic students of various levels  programs to study in foreign higher educational institutions;
  • enabling and assisting the academic mobility of applicants for such training programs, as well as scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the Odessа Polytechnic.


Foreign economic activity in the field of higher education

The Odessа Polytechnic foreign economic activity is carried out in accordance with the legal framework by concluding contracts with foreign legal entities and individuals.

Main directions of the University's foreign economic activity are:

  • organization of pre-university training for foreign nationals and stateless persons wishing to enter the  Ukrainian higher educational institutions  as well as of training for Ukrainian students wishing to study abroad;
  • implementation of educational activities related to foreign students training in accredited educational programs, as well as carrying out activities on training  researcher personnel for foreign countries;
  • organization of training abroad for Ukrainian students and postgraduates;
  • scientific researches and research-and-design developments activities.


  Concept of internationalization of the university