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Professional development

Professional development is a specialized improvement in the education and professional development of a person through the deepening, expansion and updating of his professional knowledge, skills and abilities on the basis of the acquired earlier educational level and practical experience. Upon completion of advanced training courses, state-issued certificates are issued.

Refresher courses can be taken by students who have any higher education.

Advanced training is conducted in all specialties that are accredited at the university.

The basic duration of the courses is 10 working days (total amount 72 - 96 hours). The form of training is full-time or distance (at the request of the customer). The result of training is a certificate of advanced training of the state standard.

Training is financed by legal entities and individuals.

The duration and subject of the courses can be determined directly by the customer, but within the specialties accredited by the university.

More detailed information can be obtained by phone. (048) 705-84-86, 705-85-86, 722-28-54.