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Request for public information

The University provides public information following the Law of Ukraine "On access to public information" and Decree of President of Ukraine "Issues of access to public information provided by government executive bodies”.

The grant of University’s public information can be carried out in reply to an informative query.

According to the law, public information is the one represented and documented by any means and on any computer-readable information medium, got or created in the process of implementation of the duties, foreseen by a current legislation entities or the one, which is in the possession of these entities.

Request from a person on the receipt of information can be applied in any inform. Therefore, it is necessary to specify:

  • Name and last name of person inquiring, mailing address or e-mail address, and also telephone number;
  • Description of information that the person who inquires would like to receive (format, name, essential elements or contents of document inquired);
  • Signature and date.

To simplify the procedure of registration for writing requests for information, a person can submit a request by filling in corresponding forms of queries for information: sample  forms for presentation of informative query in writing:

E-mail address for sending