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Conditions for studying and living

Conditions of education

Classes are conducted by experienced highly qualified teachers with experience in scientific and practical work in the relevant field.

Training rooms and laboratories are equipped with all necessary equipment and instruments.

Educational buildings are located compactly, within one quarter. Classes are held in one shift.

The University’s Scientific and Technical Library is one of the best in the region. Its book fund is 1.35 million unique copies (excluding duplicate copies of the same book). At the service of students are subscription services, including an order via the Internet, five reading rooms containing more than 500 readers, an electronic library, and free wi-fi zones.

In addition to technical and engineering literature, the library has a rich stock of fiction.



All nonresident students of budget and contractual forms of study are provided with places in campus dormitories.

The campus with 5,000-seat dormitories is located by a large park with lakes, not far from the sea and educational buildings. Students live in rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people. All hostels are connected to the Internet.

The complex of student canteens includes catering facilities both in the academic buildings of the university and on the campus.



The university has a large sports complex on the campus. There are 7 specialized sports and gyms, a pool, a shooting gallery, a stadium, tennis courts, and sports grounds.
In the sports complex there are many sports sections, in particular, university football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, water polo and niche teams are trained.


Scientific and technical creativity

Students of our university take part in numerous student science and technology projects, start-ups, competitions, clubs and the like.

The team of students of our university is a member of the international project “Formula Student”, which is currently the most popular and large-scale among student engineering competitions in the world. Students design, calculate, manufacture and assemble a Formula SAE class racing car, in which they take part in international competitions.

The university is actively working student laboratories robotics, designing microcontrollers, programming mobile devices running operating systems Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as the development of modern information systems.

Students of our university are among the best in international robo mobile competitions. The team of our university regularly participates in international and national competitions in Ukraine and European countries, has won many times or is among the top five.

The university hosts international scientific conferences, summer schools, which not only acquaint students with the latest trends in the field of information technology, but also allow them to collaborate with students from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries.


Cultural and creative recreation

Our university has a Palace of Culture for 1000 students, which is one of the best modern complexes in the city, where students relax, have fun and engage in amateur performances in pop, dance and theater groups, attend performances and concerts, participate in team competitions KVN.


Rest and recuperation

The university has its own sports and recreation recreation center "Chaika", which is located in an ecologically clean area, one of the most famous resort places in the Odessa region - Karolino-Bugaze. On the territory of the complex there are: a stadium with basketball and volleyball courts, a tennis court, a summer cinema, a disco, a dining room for 420 seats, a large beach. More than 3,000 students spend their holidays here annually at discounted tickets.



Students of our university have the opportunity to join the members of the tour-club “Romantic” and try themselves in such types of tourism as hiking, mountain, water, ski, cycling.


Training and internship abroad

Every year, students of our university travel abroad for free tuition at the expense of the state budget of Ukraine, European Union programs and direct university contracts with foreign partner universities from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Poland, China and other countries.

The university has curriculums that are standardized with the requirements of the Bologna process, providing students with the opportunity to participate in academic mobility projects and receive double degrees.

To get the language training necessary for participation in academic mobility projects, and to undergo language and study practice in European countries, students can at the Ukrainian-German, Ukrainian-Spanish or Ukrainian-Polish institutes of our university.


Military training of reserve officers

Students of all faculties and institutes of our university have the opportunity to study at the department of military training of reserve officers.

Young men and women are admitted to study - students of 2 or 3 full-time courses, eligible for military service for health reasons. The term of study is 2 years (4 semesters).

After receiving a bachelor's degree, a graduate finishes his studies at the department of military training with a 30-day training camp at a military unit, passes the state exam and takes the military oath. He is assigned the primary officer rank - "junior lieutenant of the reserve".

This makes it possible to successfully build an official career in the structures of Ukraine, where the presence of a military rank is mandatory: in civil service, in power structures, in the Armed Forces (and other military units formed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine), in units of the Emergencies Ministry, Border Troops, Customs Service , as well as in special-purpose law enforcement agencies, the State Special Transport and Special Communications Service.