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Persons with disabilities

General information

On the territory of the University, all routes to the buildings and structures are firmly covered.

The width of pedestrian walkways or sidewalks is at least 1.8 meters.

The University shall provide parking spaces for the personal transport of persons with disabilities or for transporting persons with disabilities near the entrance to buildings and structures not more than 50 meters away.

The University guarantees to persons with disabilities the opportunity to reach any place on the territory of the University, including, if necessary, the transfer of persons with disabilities on the stairs in buildings where there are no elevators or lifts.



The Regulations on the organization of inclusive education for persons with special educational needs apply at the University.

The University will provide you with the opportunity to receive education in an inclusive group - an academic group where one or more persons with special educational needs study alongside other educational recipients.

To form an inclusive group, you or one of your parents (other legal representatives) must contact the rector in writing (apply through the dean's office) and provide an individual rehabilitation program (if any), and other documentation confirming your special educational needs.

Based on and in the light of these documents, with your participation, your individual curriculum will be developed for the special educational needs educator.

In order to organize inclusive education at the University, a group of psychological and pedagogical support works, which will provide for you special educational and rehabilitation support, namely:

  • will assist in the organization of the educational process, will provide the writing and monitoring of the implementation of your individual curriculum, the organization of individual consultations for you, etc .;
  • provide psychological and pedagogical assistance during the educational process;
  • carry out measures to create conditions for your social and social support, including providing information and assistance in hostel placement, obtaining technical means of rehabilitation, organizing volunteer assistance;
  • will provide you with a place to park your personal vehicle or transport that transports you.

Parents (other legal representatives) or their authorized persons, social workers (workers), volunteers can provide your assistance during the education.

The University provides accommodation for persons with special educational needs together with the persons accompanying them (hostel # 3: located in close proximity to the university buildings, the building has a separate entrance, equipped with a ramp, which gives access to the premises, bypassing the lobby ladder).



The admissions committee is located in the main educational building (Odessa, 1 Shevchenko avenue).

Access to the building is provided by wide sidewalks (cover - pavement tile). The porch of the case is equipped with a ramp, the entrance door of the case of the increased width, without thresholds.

The housing provides you with unhindered access to:

  • the admission committee (cabinet No. 125: doors have an additional leaf to increase the width, there is no threshold);
  • to the Dean of the Institute of Distance and Distance Education (Cabinet No. 116: door of increased width, threshold at floor level);
  • buffet (located in the lobby of the building, the passage is wide, there are no thresholds);
  • sanitary facility adapted for persons with disabilities.

During your visit, you will be assisted and assisted at your request - more details in the next section.


Persons who are not educators

The University has a procedure for escorting (providing assistance) to persons with disabilities and other low-mobility groups of population during their stay in the premises (premises) of the Odessa National Polytechnic University.

You need to get help and support while attending university:

  • or call the university's security department at:
    • +38 (048) 705-86-99,
    • +38 (096) 486-63-03,
      and inform the purpose, date, time of visit, the need to provide a parking space for your personal transport or transport that transports you, and to arrange a meeting place with a university employee to accompany you;
  • or at the entrance to any university building, contact a security officer who will call a special staff member for your escort.