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Center for Technology Transfer

The aim of the CTT
  • commercialization of research results at the university;
  • promoting of innovation projects at the university;
  • providing the base for effective cooperation of the university with enterprises.
Main activities
  • analyses and monitores the scientific research at the university;
  • develops databases of innovative research that may be of economic interest;
  • marketing research with the aim of identifying potential customers for development and partners of joint projects;
  • preparation and development of investment projects and business plans;
  • supports the supply of a legal base in the field of intellectual property;
  • helps to strengthen or expand contacts to educational institutions and enterprises in the Ukraine and abroad.
Our Services
  • provides detailed information about trends in the university;
  • prepares the necessary documentation and presentation of research results and projects;
  • coordinates the cooperation with researchers of the university;
  • works out the financial assessment of research activities based on the market value;
  • assists in the execution of scientific conferences, seminars or trainings.
Foreign partners of the CTT

SES German Service of Senior Experts. Over 11.000 specialists of different profiles are ready to come to you with their own knowledge and experience. With our assistance, you can invite the most experienced experts from Germany, who on a voluntary and free basis will assist in the development of your company, enterprise or organization, of any form of ownership.

GIZ is a German agency for the development of international cooperation with headquarters in Bonn and Eschborn. GIZ operates in Ukraine on behalf of five German ministries, the European Union (EU), as well as the governments of Great Britain and Switzerland. The priority areas of German-Ukrainian cooperation are:

  • effective public administration;
  • energy efficiency;
  • sustainable economic development.

CIM - Center for International Migration and Development (Center for International Migration and Development) Frankfurt am Main. CIM Strategic Activities:

  • Stable economic development;
  • Democracy, civil society and public administration;
  • Energy and environment.

LG TCM. LG Electronics Inc. (Republic of Korea). LG Electronics is one of the world's leading companies producing electronics and information and communication technology products.

EUREKA. A scientific and technical program is the most promising form of European scientific and technical integration. It is attended by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large industrial companies and scientific organizations wishing to participate in the joint development of technologies and sales of the products obtained in the European continent.

Leadership CTT

Director of CTT Ph.D. Vladislav Mikhailovich Spinov.


Cabinet # 414 of the administrative building, Shevchenko avenue, 1, Odessa, Ukraine, 65044
+38 (048) 705-83-10