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Quality policy

The main and strategic direction of the staff of the staff of the Odessa Polytechnic is to satisfy the existing and expected customer requirements for graduates who meet international standards by providing a complex of quality educational services.

Achievements, maintenance of high quality of educational services and maximum consideration of customer requests in the preparation of graduates at the level of national and world educational standards of education is ensured by the purposeful effective work of each employee of the university at all stages of the educational process.

The university management manages scientific and teaching staff and support staff through the comprehensive development of motivations to continuously improve the quality of training for higher education applicants and the organization of educational, scientific, methodological, educational work, trust and delegation of decision-making authority based on objective information.

The University staff strives for full compliance with the educational standards set by the educational standards for higher education applicants, improving professional skills and improving the skills of teachers to achieve their goals.

The policy is implemented within the framework of the University's quality management system, which complies with the requirements of the International Standard DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 and the Standards and Recommendations for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area ESG 2015, and is based on their basic principles, which are oriented to stakeholder requests and implementation. process approach in the implementation of all activities with its continuous improvement.

The quality policy is implemented in conjunction with the general policy of the University and aims at ensuring, maintaining the consistently high reputation of the Odessa Polytechnic as a reliable provider of educational services in the preparation of higher education recipients who meet national and world quality standards.

The University management commits itself to:

  • adhere to the strategic directions of activity of the Odessa Polytechnic;
  • make decisions based on the goals of attaining higher education quality, as well as on continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • to bring the quality policy and goals of the University to the employees of the University.


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