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Forms of education

Our university prepares specialists for such forms of training:


Exact (full-time) form of training

The full-time form of education is the main form of higher education and is based on the principle of constant personal communication between higher education and faculty members.


Part-time (distance) form of training

The correspondence (distance) form of education is a form of higher education with the simultaneous combination of other active activities and is based on the independent work of higher education graduates with periodic (two times per semester) personal communication with teachers.

Distance Learning – this is an option for the implementation of distance learning, based on the use of specific educational technologies with modern teaching methods, technical means of communication and information transmission. The normative base, which is used in this context, is the normative base of the correspondence course of study.


Parallel training

Individuals (students) who acquire a degree (level) of higher education for at least one year and complete a personal curriculum in full, may simultaneously (in parallel) obtain the same or a lower degree of higher education in another specialty.