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Science Park Odessa Polytechnic University

The Scientific Park of the Odessa Polytechnic University was created to organize and coordinate the processes of commercialization of university science. The scientific park was created in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Science Parks" as an independent legal entity in the form of a limited liability company. The scientific park operates in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and its own Statute.

Aims of Science Park
  • stimulation of scientific and technical and innovation activity at the university, commercialization of scientific research results and their implementation on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • enhancing the university's well-being, including research staff, graduate students and students through effective and efficient use of the available scientific and human resources of the university.
The task of the Science Park
  • development and implementation of innovative projects;
  • search for financing, preparation and support of investment agreements;
  • informational, methodological, legal and consulting support of the Scientific Park partners, granting of patent and license assistance;
  • attraction of students, graduates, postgraduates, scientists and employees of the Odessa National Polytechnic University for the development and implementation of the Scientific Park projects;
  • promoting the development and support of small innovative entrepreneurship;
  • development of international and domestic cooperation in the field of scientific and technical and innovation activities, promotion of foreign investment attraction.
Priority directions of the Scientific Park activity
  • Thermal energy;
  • Nuclear power and radiation technologies;
  • Machine-building and high engineering technologies;
  • Energy efficiency and resource conservation, energy saving of buildings;
  • Fuel technologies;
  • Technologies of transport of energy;
  • Technologies of energy security;
  • Technological safety;
  • Alternative energy and alternative energy sources;
  • Clean production and environmental protection technologies;
  • Solid state physics, materials science and nanotechnology;
  • Chemical technologies;
  • Information and communication technologies;
  • Transport;
  • Dual-use technology and equipment.
Science Park Action Program
  • the formation of an automated bank of information with the development of university scientists, the organization of a bureau of services with scientific advice;
  • creation of large industrial organizations of Odessa industrial sections with the aim of coordinating research and development;
  • Participation in the activities of national innovation clusters in Ukraine;
  • Participation in the EU Horizons 2020 program.
Principles of working with the customers of the Science Park
  • support and expertise of research projects;
  • services related to the economic and legal competence: from the calculation of the cost of production and pricing to legal and tax support;
  • technical service: assistance in renting premises for negotiations and conference facilities, postal, informational, secretarial services, etc .;
  • activization of the business initiative of university scientists, which opens an additional source of income.
Advantages of labor relations with the Scientific Park and financial support of works
  • lack of restrictions on the choice of the performer and the type of employment relationship (employment contract, contract, cooperation with the SPD);
  • absence of restrictions on the volume of income for the work performed;
  • no limitations on the number of projects performed by 1 executor.
Founders of the Science Park
  • Odessa National Polytechnic University;
  • Enterprise with foreign investments in the form of a limited liability company "Avers";
  • Charitable Organization "Foundation" Science and Education XXI".
The Science Park Administration

President of the Science Park

Oborskyi Hennadii Oleksandrovych
doctor of technical sciences, professor
Rector of the Odessa Polytechnic.


Director General of Science Park

Kozlov Igor Leonidovich
candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.


Scientific and Technical Council of the Scientific Park

The staff of the Scientific and Technical Council


Legal and postal address
Cabinet # 109 of the administrative building, Shevchenko avenue, 1, Odessa, Ukraine, 65044

+38 (048) 705-83-76;
+38 (067) 480-56-60

+38 (0482) 34-42-73