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Scientists Council

The Academic Council is the collegial governing body of the University, acting in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", the University Charter and the Regulations on the Academic Council of the Odessa Polytechnic.

The Academic Council consists of: rector; pro-rectors; deans of faculties, directors of educational-scientific institutes, heads of separate structural subdivisions; academic secretary; director of scientific and technical library; Chief Accountant; heads of self-government bodies and elected bodies of primary trade union organizations of university employees; elected representatives representing scientific, scientific and pedagogical workers; elected representatives representing other staff members of the university; elected representatives of postgraduate students, doctoral students; heads of elected bodies of primary trade union organizations of students and postgraduates; Heads of Student Self-Governance Universities.

The Academic Council is headed by its chairman, who is elected from among the members of the Academic Council.

Meetings of the Academic Council are held according to the work plan, but not less than once in two months.

The agenda of meetings of the Academic Council is formed by its secretariat taking into account the proposals of academic councils of the faculties (educational-scientific institutes), the administration, as well as proposals of the members of the Academic Council.

The university has academics working for the structural units, which the Academic Council delegates some of its powers.

Regulations on the Academic Council

The personal membership of the Academic Council


Decision of the Academic Council

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