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Scientific society of students, postgraduates, doctoral students and young scientists

The Odessa Polytechnic and its structural divisions operate the Scientific Society of Students, Postgraduates, Doctoral Students and Young Scientists (hereinafter referred to as the Scientific Society), which is part of the system of public self-government of the university.

Persons up to 35 years old (40 years for doctoral students) who study or work at the Odessa Polytechnic take part in the work of the Scientific Society.

In its activities, the Scientific Society is guided by the legislation of Ukraine, the charter of the Odessa Polytechnic and its own Regulations.

The scientific community protects the rights and interests of individuals who study or work at the Odessa Polytechnic, in particular with regard to issues of scientific activity, support for high-tech ideas, innovations and knowledge sharing. Scientific society:

  • adopts acts regulating its organization and activities;
  • conducts organizational, scientific and educational activities;
  • popularizes research activities among students, promotes the involvement of people who study in research and innovation activities;
  • represents the interests of students, graduate students, doctoral students and young scientists to the university administration and other organizations on issues of scientific work and the development of academic career;
  • contributes to the quality of research;
  • promotes the exchange of information between young scientists and researchers;
  • promotes the development of inter-university and international cooperation;
  • interacts with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and national branch academies of sciences, scientific and research institutions;
  • performs other functions stipulated by the laws of Ukraine and the Regulations on the Scientific Society.


Decisions of the Scientific Society