Інформаційні системи та технології

ID: 50916
Field of knowledge 
12 Information Technology
126 Information systems and technologies
Form of study 
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Why is it worth getting higher education on this educational program 

Specialists in information systems and technologies are professionals from promising areas of ICT development, namely, design, development of software, hardware, information, intelligent computer systems and technologies based on high-level programming languages; mobile technologies; global systems for transmitting, storing and processing information; systems and technologies of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things); cloud technologies (Cloud Computing); methods for analyzing and processing large amounts of data (Big Data Analytics); artificial Intelligence systems; deep learning.

We offer you the opportunity to acquire the professional competencies of a modern specialist in information systems and technologies with an international education. The condition for acquiring competencies is training in this program. 

Learning from us is :

  • first-the opportunity to acquire "soft skills" - skills that will ensure your professional integration in the modern world, these are communication skills, in particular:
    • speaking skills in front of an audience,
    • teamwork skills,
    • time management skills,
    • flexibility and adaptability,
    • personal leadership qualities;
  • secondly-the possibility of self-development – you will be able to realize yourself in research activities, for example:
    • conduct research activities,
    • participate in startups and scientific circles.
    • write scientific papers, abstracts and articles on current issues of information technology,
    • take part in scientific and practical conferences, competitions and Olympiads on information technology (from local to international);
  • third-the possibility of choice-the applicant has the right to independently:
    • select elective courses from General and vocational cycles and to acquire competence advanced level in information systems and technologies 
    • choose places for practical training and practice that will help to acquire new practical skills for professional activity in the field of information technology, 
  • fourth-the opportunity to be heard-you have the opportunity to enroll in the student the government and your voice will always be heard and their opinion taken into account!

Program profile

Educational components of the program (training plan)
Upon a successful completion of respective educational program with subsequent attestation the student (graduate), is awarded an appropriate University degree qualification getting the relevant level higher educational institution Diploma.
Higher education studies qualification level/degree awarded to graduates:
Higher education document issued to graduates:
Master Diploma;
European model Master Diploma Supplement.
Structural units providing training in this program  
Special field Department ensuring the program implementation 
Educational Program Manager, contact person 
Вичужанін Володимир Вікторович